May 2012

Dear Neighbors, Families and History Buffs,

The Friends of Old Dutch was organized in 1985, three hundred years after the Old Dutch Church was built. The Friends’s mission is to assist in the restoration and maintenance of this National Historic Landmark made world famous in Washington Irving’s The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.

The Friends are justly proud of all that they have accomplished in the past quarter-century.  More than 400 gravestones have been restored. Fifteen stones that have toppled or broken recently are scheduled to be repaired and reset this year.

Also this year we will undertake a major new effort to create easier and more welcoming access to the historic site.  The Friends are currently reviewing drawings prepared by an architect with experience in historic preservation.

We could not have made so much progress, nor can we continue, without the generous support of neighbors and history buffs like yourselves.  We hope that you will help with a tax-deductible donation to the Friends of Old Dutch.  Funding of the Friends is solely reliant on the support of individuals, families, local businesses and grants. To help us with our continued restoration and preservation work and our new undertaking to create easier access to this wonderful local treasure, complete and return the form below.

Support the Friends and become part of a growing movement of committed individuals and organizations dedicated to saving America's cultural heritage and National Landmarks.

 Aubrey E. Hawes

Support the Friends and receive this new book as a gift!

With a contribution of $50 or more you will receive a copy of this wonderful new book, The Old Dutch Church of Sleepy Hollow: Legend and Lore of the Oldest Church in New York, as a gift.  It has 130+ pages of delightful stories and many colorful photos, illustrations and maps from the 327-year history of the church and burying ground. Proceeds of book sales go toward preserving this National Historic Landmark  and local cultural treasure for future generations.